Accessibility Advisory Group

The Accessibility Advisory Group (AAG) is made up of a number of people from a range of backgrounds, with the support from representatives from the Kāpiti District Council and Well-Able (a disability information and resource centre).

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Sue Emirali

Sue Emirali (Chair)

I love being part of the Kapiti Community and appreciate how easy it is for me to access everything I need. One of the main reasons I joined the Accessibility Advisory Group is I would like to see a community where everyone can have easy access everywhere. This includes access to information and the environment in a way that is best for the individual.

Harriet Kay

Harriet Kay

I have a vision impairment that I developed seven years ago. I’m here to represent sight loss, and be a voice for the younger members of the Community.

Tim Abbot

Tim Abbott

I was a journalist, a former parliamentary press secretary and senior state servant. I have had poor hearing from birth and now need very powerful hearing aids. I campaign on issues affecting the hard of hearing community.

Brad Haywood

Brad Haywood

I’m representing people with disabilities and helping make the Kapiti Coast accessible for the whole community. I had a sporting injury which resulted in a spinal injury and am permanently in a wheelchair.I have a background in quantity surveying, architectural drafting and currently have small building company that builds residential homes that are designed for adaptability and accessibility.

Bryan Miller

Bryan Miller

Represents the scooter community in Kapiti.

Joanne Dacombe

I’m on the National Executive Committee for Disabled Persons Assembly, as well as serving on the Board of Autism New Zealand.
I’m Autistic and deaf which has seen me become increasingly passionate about disability issues and increasing accessibility of access and information.
I want our local community to improve accessibility for all people, across all ages.

Image shows a young woman with dark hair pulled into a pony tail. She is smiling and wearing a patterned pink dress.She is standing under a green leafy tree.

Monique Leith

Monique Leith is an emerging disability advocates leader representing both youth and the deaf community.
She is passionate about accessibility, and disability rights and pride.